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We have been community members of Palm Valley Montessori School since November 2008. In that time our small child has grown into an intellectually responsible, and respectable 4 year old. Our son is reading and writing in both print and cursive. He is learning addition and subtraction, to the point where he can do simple problems in his head without using his fingers. He plays the piano, and is beginning to master sight reading musical notes; in fact so well that he was asked to play several songs at the Arrowhead Mall for Christmas Shoppers to enjoy. He has learned to tie his shoes, button buttons, and zip zippers. Most impressively, he has acquired an extreme hunger for the knowledge of the sciences, experiments, geography, art, history, sports, in addition to many other disciplines. We can truly continue on providing examples of the wonderful things he has been taught at Palm Valley Montessori School. To our family, friends, and co-horts, we can proudly say that our son is regarded as an extremely rare, gifted, and remarkable person. We are very fortunate for his achievements, but the truth of the matter is he is up to par with most of his friends and classmates his age at Intero Montessori School.

Having friends and family with kids who are attending public schools in the Southwest Valley "district", we can honestly say this is unheard of in our public school settings - much less our local public preschools. One student in particular, who is in 8th grade, told us that she had never been taught to read or write in cursive as it is no longer a requirement. This should be both sad and concerning to most parents. We have analyzed various curriculums in the area, and have come to the undoubtable conclusion that a Montessori program is far superior to the others. We feel Palm Valley Montessori School has exceeded the curriculum of other local educational establishments.

— Alfredo Perret and Patricia Cantu

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