Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is full for all program levels, toddlers through 4th grade. However, the administration office will accept new student applications for the waitlist.

Enrollment Procedure

The parents and child will visit Palm Valley Montessori School for an interview with the director and/or administrator, by appointment. During this time, the program is explained to the parents and questions are asked and answered regarding policies, schedules, tuition, staff qualifications, discipline, etc.

The parents may then be invited to submit an Application Packet to Palm Valley Montessori School. Please carefully fill out all the forms within the Application Packet.

Upon receipt and review of the completed Application Packet, the parents of the accepted student will receive a Welcome Packet and a start date will be selected. If no spaces are available in the school, the child may be placed on a waiting list. No guarantees are made for desired placement, which is dependent on space available and readiness for the Montessori program. All fees, tuition, and all other payments are not refundable.

Admission Requirements

Toddler Program: In the Palm Valley Montessori School Toddler Program, children begin school around their 2nd birthday. The child does not need to be potty trained at that time. The Toddler teachers will work in conjunction with parents on toilet training when the time comes. Once the child is fully potty trained, more verbal, and more independent, they are ready to transition to the Primary Program. This typically occurs between 3 and 3-1/2 years of age. The Palm Valley Montessori School Toddler Program is always in high demand. It is the only Montessori Toddler Program in the southwest valley. There are eight spots available in the classroom. The teacher to student ratio is 1:4.

Primary: Children may be enrolled at any time during the school year. The child should be between 2 and 3-1/2 years of age or have previous Montessori experience. Palm Valley Montessori School strongly endorses a three-year program in the Primary classroom to provide the maximum benefit of the Montessori method, including the kindergarten year. Children should be completely toilet trained. Manageable behavior and obedience are expected. The child should be able to follow simple directions, such as “Put the puzzle on the shelf and come sit down.” Graduates of the Montessori Primary program may also enroll in Palm Valley Montessori School’s Elementary program.


If you should have any questions about the Palm Valley Montessori School program or application process, please feel to contact the school administration, at 623-986-9516 or Eva.Foster@palmvalleymontessori.com.