Wish List

Below is our wish list of items that we need. If you are interested in donating an item, please contact us.

Educational Materials

Set of Encyclopedias: To be used in the classroom for research.

Simple Working Typewriter: Looking for a typewriter to teach typing. We would like to use a type writer rather than a computer to keep kids away from the screen. We are looking for a typewriter that is easy to replace the ink ribbons.


Sturdy Park Benches: Need 3 of them

Playground Privacy Fence: Reed fencing to cover the gate surronding the playground. This is to help the children minimize the dust they inhale and to protect them from strangers peeking in/driving by from the busy road. Cost is $24.47 per 15 foot roll. The playground is approximately 64 feet across and 186 feet deep (need 17 panels).

“Natural” Play Areas/Toys: i.e. tree stumps, slide integrated into a dirt hill/big rock, giant tree log for balancing/climbing


Flagstones: Looking for about 300 sq. ft. of 12″ by 12″ stepping stones to be used to create a hopscotch area on the playground.

Plants: To be used to create an Arizona plant identification area on the playground.

 Shrubs: Flame Honeysuckle, Woolly Butterfly Bush, Yellow Bird of Paradise, Texas Olive, Little-Leaf Cordia, Black Dalea, Weeping Dalea, Red Eremophila, Turpentine Bush, Chuparosa Creosote Bush, Violet Silverleaf, Texas Sage

Groundcovers: Red Spike, Ice Plant Bush, Morning Glory, Blue Euphorbia, Trailing Gazania, Gray Ice Plant, Myoporum, Trailing Rosemary, Yellow Dot

Other: Any Cacti, Any Succulent, Any Desert Grasses

Side Yard

Curbing: To create pathway from front to backyard (225 ft)

Fruit Trees:
Small lemon, clemintine & orange trees (2.8 quart): $42 x 3 = $126
Medium trees (1.14 gallon): $54 x 2 = $108
Large apple trees: $38 x 2 = $76





Indian Rosewood Trees: 2 x $18